Food on Campus

7@Avondale provides food service on the Lake Macquarie campus. 7@Avondale is open to all students, staff, and other community members. Students may use meal credits to purchase meals and other food items. Meal credits can be used at any time. At the end of the year, a refund of any balance remaining can be requested.

Full meals are provided through a “buffet style” dining room, or alternatively from a café menu including hot and cold beverages, fresh cooked pizzas, and other menu items. There is a healthy range of vegan and vegetarian food options.

During the mid-semester study breaks when the number of students on campus is reduced 7@Avondale may operate using a limited menu.

Students who want to stay on campus outside of the above periods for Semester 1 and Semester 2 can either use their meal credits or pay 7@Avondale directly via EFTPOS for each meal.

Follow 7@Avondale on Instagram to see daily menus.

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